Practically Potty Trained

I am such a proud mommy!

Grace is practically potty trained at twenty-two months old:

I've always heard horror stories and read frightening articles about potty training toddlers, so I wasn't super excited to start.

We've been talking about teaching her since Grace was about eighteen months old, but just never really tried.

One day a couple of weeks ago, my mom bought Grace some Minnie Mouse and Princess panties and let her wear them around her house. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do, but when she needed to go potty, she'd yell "potty, potty" and then it would start running down her leg all over the floor.

Since she knew what was going on, it was just a matter of her learning how to stop it and hold it until she got to the potty.

That weekend, Isaac and I got her some training panties:

These things are like magic! 

Grace wears them and feels like a big girl. She can feel when she goes potty and tells us, but they don't leak anywhere.

After a day of wearing them, she learned how to hold it and started making it to the toilet to go potty.

We even bought her a new Elmo seat so she'd be more excited about going:

We had her wear the training panties for a week or two whenever we were at home.

I wasn't brave enough to take her out in public in panties just yet.

This past week though, we let her wear them outside to play with the neighbors.

No accidents!

When she goes to school, she has been wearing pull-ups and they help her go on the potty when she tells them. She still has an accident or two there (I blame the Pull-Ups), but goes in the potty most of the time.

This past weekend, we took Grace out to breakfast in her panties and she actually used the potty at the restaurant.

We even let her wear them to Ta Ta last night for family dinner. She went in the bathroom THREE times!

Right this second she is playing with her toys in her big girl, Minnie panties.

When we let her wear panties to nap, she doesn't go until she wakes up. When she sleeps in a diaper or pull-ups she has accidents. It's like she can tell even though she's asleep.

This weekend we are going to let her sleep through the night in her panties and see how she does. I've already got a waterproof mattress cover on her bed under the sheet, so we should be good to go.

I'm so happy that she is doing so well.

At this rate, we'll only have one baby in diapers when Charley is born!

I can't believe Grace is such a big girl now. 

She amazes me with how smart she is each and every day!

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