Last Week...

...we played outside a lot. Grace really enjoyed all of the bubbles that each of her grandparents got her for Easter:

...we went out to dinner for Geni's birthday (Happy Birthday, Gen!!) where Grace showed us her and Kasie's 'Dun Dun Dun' Dance: was a little breezy, so Grace and Daddy got to play with her new kite:


...she also played with more bubbles:

...she sang us songs that she learned from school at the dinner table:

...Grace practiced her ABC's with Mommy's help:

...we got Slurpees after school and went shopping for a new summer wardrobe at Gymboree to use all of our Gymbucks:

...we had Memphis Barbecue for dinner and Grace and Daddy shared a yummy banana pudding:

...we celebrate Noah's FOURTH birthday!!

...Grace is now 22 months old (wait for this post - coming soon).

...I went to Kasie's bachelorette party! 

We met at the Paris Hotel where Brittany got Kasie a gorgeous room:

After a drink or two, we headed down to dinner at Mon Ami Gabbi (delicious!):

After dinner, I was exhausted and decided that it was probably time to go home.

The girls were heading to see 'Thunder from Down Under' and then going to a club. I didn't think Charley would enjoy that stuff too much:

Kasie and I vowed to have a re-bachelorette party after I have the baby. 

Especially since Isaac and Jeremy were also having his bachelor party that night, and they didn't make it home until six-thirty in the morning (say what?!).

...Grace slept in her big girl bed all the way through night for most of the week:

I just love how squishy she is!

See ya next week :)

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