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Picture of the Week: A Night with the Golden Knights at the Cosmopolitan

Perry wasn't feeling well on Monday, so she came to work with me for the day. She spent most of the time snuggling with her baby watching movies, but she also colored and helped Auntie Allison open the mail.

Our elf, Clarabelle, showed up that night with 25 books. The girls were so excited and couldn't wait to open a new book each night to read before bed.

Charley learned about Hanukkah and got Bucket Filler of the week at school. She was so excited to get her official Bucket Filler shirt.

Perry and I watched movies on the couch, and she continued her love of snuggling her face on my face.

Gracie's class learned all about assembly lines in production while making trail mix in teams. Each person had a job to do, and they raced the other team to see who could make ten bags first. I say this every time, but her teacher is seriously so awesome and always teaches the kids in the funnest ways possible.

That night, we left Perry at home with Daddy, and Allison and I took the girls to the Cosmopolitan for Knight night. We got to hang with Chance the Gila monster and met Oscar Dansk, one of the goalies from the Vegas Golden Knights. We also saw Alex Tuch, but the lines were too long of a wait on a school night. We had fun exploring the ice rink and taking in the beautiful views.

We've been eating dinner at Wahoo's a lot lately, because Isaac and I are both obsessed with their Kale Kai salad. I always tell Allison about it, so I had to take a picture to show her.

Perry practiced driving, while we waited for Grace and Char to get back from school one afternoon.

We had breakfast at Aunt Geni's Saturday morning, and all of the kids' elves joined in on the fun.

That night, we had our company Christmas party. We dropped the kids off with Grandma Sunshine and got ready in our hotel room at the JW Marriott. We had so much fun watching the Knights win at the bar and playing some video poker before heading to the party. After dinner, we played some roulette and won an Amazon Echo in the raffle. I'm glad Alex and Allison work with us, because they make the night that much more fun.

Meanwhile, the kids had a blast at Grandma Sunshine's with their cousins decorating cookies and playing in a fort. It was Perry's first sleepover, and she went to bed with her big sisters. 

Charley continued to take pictures and videos of herself that kept popping up on my phone.

Perry got bit by the tickle bug. I love this kid's belly laughs.

She played in the bath and sang herself songs.

Once all the kids went to sleep, Clarabelle caused some ruckus and made herself into a snowman.

That's all for now. 

See you next week!

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