This Week...

...we had a pretty busy week! It started out slow and then got crazy as usual.

...we are 38 weeks pregnant. Grace should be totally ready to come and should be around 7 pounds, 11 ounces. We've been trying EVERYTHING this week to get her to come early. We've walked miles and miles, I've been drinking my raspberry tea twice a day, and I've been bouncing on an exercise ball as much as possible. This kid just does not want to come!

...we had a doctor's appointment Wednesday. This time I was 2 cm. Not much of a difference, but there was definitely progress which is good. The baby is still VERY high. I don't think she'll drop before she comes. She likes to keep her feet right up next to my ribs, and every once in a while she'll roll to one side and stick her little bottom out. It's pretty weird to be able to tell which body parts are the ones causing all of the commotion now.

...we made a tough decision, but decided to let Jojo Kitty move in with my sister. Since we got Isabel, Jojo pretty much just sleeps in our closet all day, every day. At night when Izzie goes to bed in her kennel, he would come sleep in bed with us until Isaac kicked him off. I started to feel really bad for him because he was alone all of the time. Then it occurred to me that when the baby comes, he won't be able to sleep in our room at all. We'll have to keep him out of there when the baby is asleep and then what will he do? So it just made more sense for Jeni to let him move in with her. He seems to be enjoying his freedom without a puppy chasing him all over. I made sure to tell Jeni that if, in a year or two when Grace gets bigger, I want him back, she has to let me have him. Although I have a feeling he'll be just fine and much happier over there!

...Isaac had fun taking pictures of Isabel with the camera. As you can tell by the last picture, I was on the phone, and I think he and Isabel were getting irritated waiting for me.

...we spent a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying one of or quite possibly OUR LAST weekend as a couple. Soon we will be a family :)

...we got the car seats installed in both of our cars!!

...our hospital bag is packed along with Grace's diaper bag and carrier. We are completely ready for her now. So c'mon Grace!!

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