35 Weeks

At 35 weeks, Grace doesn't have much room to do somersaults anymore.  She still kicks like crazy though, and now we can see my belly rolling all around as she moves.  It's very weird and awesome at the same time!! Every once in a while we'll just be sitting there, and I'll go "whoa!"  Isaac freaks out and asks me what the heck is going on.  It just happens to be the baby giving me a swift kick to the ribs or rolling over on her side.  This "whoa!" experience actually happened yesterday in the car.  Grace was very active, so I pulled my shirt up to watch my stomach roll all around.  All of the sudden the right side sunk in and there was this crazy looking hole in my belly.  She quickly stuck her foot right back in there, and it went back to normal.  These are the things I will miss about being pregnant when she finally gets here.  The heartburn, achy feet, and waking up 85 times in the middle of the night to pee?  Not so much.

Also this week, Grace's kidneys are fully developed, and her liver is in full working form.  She is about as heavy as a honeydew melon.

My plan this weekend is to get my bag all packed for the crazy drive to the hospital.  We still aren't exactly sure when that'll be, but since we've only got 35 days to go, it's better to be safe than sorry!  I also need to finalize Grace's 'coming home from the hospital' outfit so it's all ready to go.  I thought I had it all picked out, but we've gotten so many more outfits since then that I need to reconsider.

I went to the doctor this past Monday and the only thing she really had to say was, "take it easy!"  I'm supposed to be doing that already, but life has been crazy and our schedule has been packed these past few months.  I'm going to be taking the next few weeks to get as much rest as I can.  When I was at the doctor, we scheduled out all of my appointments until my due date!!  I go once a week starting next Wednesday, and she'll also start checking for dilation.

It really is starting to feel real (I mean, we do have baby stuff ALL over the house now).  Isaac is starting to freak out asking all these questions like, "Are we sure we're ready?" and "How much different will our lives really be?" and all sorts of other stuff like that.  I'm sure that's normal, but all I can think about is how much I can't wait to get this baby out of my belly so I can have my body back and hold her, kiss her, and squeeze her chubby little cheeks.

I've been "nesting" more than usual lately.  You can ask any of my friends, and they'll tell you that I'm a champ at organizing and keeping my house pretty clean.  I'm never satisfied though, and I'm constantly trying to rearrange or redecorate something.  This past week or two, I've been making Isaac help me hang stuff, move furniture around, and organize drawers.  He says it's driving him crazy how I need everything to be "centered" or "symmetrical".  I think because he's a guy, he thinks that if he got the picture to stay up on the wall it's good to go.  He keeps telling me that my hormones are out of control, but I keep reminding him that I've always been this way.  I'm pretty convinced that I've got some form of OCD.  At least it keeps things interesting!

35 more days :)

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