Rough Stuff

Grace is now thirteen months old!

She went to her well twelve month check-up to get her shots a few weeks ago, but couldn't because she had a fever.

Poor baby had her first ear infection.

After taking medicine for ten days, she is now all better.

The day she finally went in for her shots, she was up crying all night. I was thinking the vaccines bothered her, but she never got a fever or a rash.

A couple of days later she was grabbing her mouth and crying. I looked inside and discovered EIGHT teeth coming in!

Her canines are right there ready to come at any minute, and she has four new molars.

No wonder she was crying. 

My poor baby girl was in pain. She's never been a bad teether (no crankiness, no extra fussiness), so I didn't expect that.

Now that we're past the rough stuff, baby girl is back to her usual happy self.

She truly is one of the happiest kids EVERRR.

We get comments everywhere we go about what a good baby she is and how she's always smiling.

(Makes me scared for the next one.)

Hard to believe she's thirteen months old.

I was going through some old pictures on my mom's camera and came across these:

Is it weird that I can't remember her being that little?

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