This Week...

...we gave Grace a fork and spoon at dinner time and let her go to town. She did pretty good for her first time:

...Grace played with her motorcycle some more. She really likes this thing. 

(Excuse the crazy hair...between Cash and Grace I can't seem to keep her pony tail holders in her hair.)

...we watched Jeremy's first game at the Unertl house. I made Grace thee cutest Argos shirt because I couldn't find any children's sizes on-line. It turned out perfect and even had his number on the back:

She was really happy because they WON!

...we hung out at the lake.

...Grace officially claimed the house as hers.

Exhibit A - I'm pretty sure this toy pot doesn't go here:

Exhibit B - Fake tomato in the wine rack?

Exhibit C - Doggie in a stroller in the corner of the hallway.

Exhibit D - Baby under the dining room table.

And finally...

Exhibit E - Puffs (Grace's favorite snack) EVE-RY-WHERE:

(We're talking in the car, at the bottom of the diaper bag, in the bathroom, in the garage, and on the baseboards in the living room. I have so much fun picking these up every day. I think it's time to switch to a new snack.)

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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