This Week...

...Grace learned how to use the phone. Kind of. She walks around holding it up to her ear saying, "yayaya". It's pretty friggin' adorable:

...she also learned how to clean something up. She brings toilet paper over, and I tell her, "Daddy is dirty right here (and point). Wipe him off." She takes the paper and tries to clean daddy up:

 She's getting so smart!

...we gave Grace watermelon for the first time. She really loved it and ate a ton:

 ...she hung out on the couch watching TV in her diapey:

...daddy fell asleep cuddled up with Olivia:

...we went to Memphis Barbecue where Isaac and Grace shared a brownie sundae:

...this spoiled rotten kid got to go shopping for some new fall clothes. Afterwards, she enjoyed modeling them for Daddy and me:

...we hit up the Sunset Station buffet for breakfast. I tried feeding Grace scrambled eggs, but she wouldn't eat them because Isaac kept feeding her doughnuts:

...Grace got really frustrated when she couldn't pick up her third Olivia because both of her hands were full, so Daddy showed her how to carry all three:

...Isaac showed Grace how to go under water in the pool. She wasn't too sure about it:

That's all for now!

See you next week...

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