Grace's Olivia Party

This past week, Gracie turned a year old.

It's still crazy to say that.

Her absolute favorite show in the whole world is Olivia, so we knew we had to have an Olivia themed party for her birthday.

After searching online, I found the perfect decorations.

My dad went to culinary school and wanted to make her birthday cake, so we searched all over the Internet trying to find the perfect one.

We came across one we loved and had that "this is it" reaction.

The night before the party, Kasie, Francesca, and Matt came over to help decorate and get the house all ready.

It turned out perfect, and we couldn't wait for the next day.

Early that morning, Dad arrived with the cake and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Grace fell asleep right before the party started, but it worked out great because she woke in a good mood and was ready to roll.

Her family and friends started to arrive and she couldn't wait to play.

She ate some Cheetos:

Played with her Olivia backpack:

And put on her party hat:

Even Cash got in on the celebration:

After partying for a bit, it was time for cake.

Grace was more than ready:

She was kind of confused when everyone started singing:

But dove right into the cake when we finished:

After we got her all cleaned up, it was present time:

(Yes, she's the most spoiled kid in the world!)

Noah and Easton (Grace's best friends from across the street) helped her open some of the hard ones:

She got really excited for this one with the Dora bag:

And had a blast being the center of attention:

As soon as the party was over, she fell asleep in Daddy's lap:

I guess all of that partying really wore her out.

Thank you so much to everyone that came to celebrate Grace's big day.

It wouldn't have been the same without any of you, and we love having you all to share this beautiful life with.

I don't know that we'll ever be able to top this birthday, and it was only her first one!

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