The Three Best Dads in the World

My dad has been the most amazing father any girl could ever ask for:

He taught me so much throughout my life and continues to teach me new things all the time.

Without him, I would not be anywhere close to where I am today.

My dad is the one I called at two in the morning when I couldn't sleep because my was heartbroken.

He is the one that wouldn't let me go to the party that got broken up by the cops in high school (I hated him at the time).

Because of him, I studied hard in school, stayed away from drugs, and knew that no matter what, I would graduate from college.

He always pushed me to be the best that I could be.

My dad was always open and honest with me and told it like it was.

I remember once he told me that he hated hearing "because I'm your parent and I said so" when he was younger, so he would always give me a reason why I could or couldn't do something.

He was, and still is, the easiest guy to talk to. I know that I can always go to him with anything and he'll guide me in the right direction.

I'm very lucky to have had such an amazing father growing up.

On top of having the greatest dad in the world, I was given the best step-dad:

Rick has been a part of my life for many years and has also helped shaped me.

He has always been there to help me out with anything I've ever needed.

Without him, I wouldn't have any of the amazing things that I do in my life.

He makes my mom so happy, and he gave me two sisters that I love dearly.

I am so grateful that I was blessed with him in my life.

Some girls don't even have one good father.

I truly am the luckiest girl alive to have been given the two best fathers any girl could ask for.

Now that I've grown and have a child of my own, I can appreciate how much a great dad means to a young girl.

I'm so proud of Isaac for being such an amazing one to Grace.

I know that one day, she'll feel the same way about him that I feel about my dad, and that makes me so happy.

My little girl has a daddy with a huge heart that will do anything that she ever asks of him.

He will always protect her, guide her, and be her listening ear.

She was born a few days before Father's Day last year, and it's crazy to see what a difference a year makes.

I have the three best dads in the world in my life and couldn't be happier.

Thank you all for everything you do for me and for being such great, outstanding men.

I love you all so much!

Happy Father's Day!!

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