Day Ten - My Favorite Sport

I'm pretty sure anyone that has ever met me knows that my favorite sport is professional football.

I'm borderline obsessed with the Tennessee Titans.

I've even got the logo tattooed on my right hip.

I'm actually in Nashville right now, so don't be surprised if you hear about some crazy lady stalking Titans football players on the evening news!

I don't care who is playing or what time the game starts, I'm glued to the TV throughout fall and winter.

There's just some competitive vibe that you get from watching an intense match-up between two rival teams.

Isaac and I have been to quite a few NFL games, and let me tell you, the feeling you get while sitting in this enormous stadium full of screaming fans is incomparable!

Any given Sunday during football season, you can find Isaac in one room rooting on his Bears and me in another yelling at the Titans to play harder.

Football season is definitely my favorite time of year.

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