Last Week...

...Charley had fun tearing up sister's coloring books:

...she slept through dinner at BWW's, and woke up when we stopped for ice cream. Charley was desperate for a bite, so Daddy shared with her:

...Charley and I snuggled in bed when we got home:

...Grace face had swim lessons where she practiced her back floats:

...we celebrated Isaac's 27th birthday.

...she watched 101 Dalmations with Cashy at Grammy's house:

...Grace decorated the house for Valentine's Day:

...she continued to love her Elmo pouches:

...the girls both fell asleep before eight on Wednesday:

...Charley got sick, so her nine month wellness check turned into a sick visit instead. Her left eye was really red and goopy, and she had a runny nose. The doctor said that she was very surprised that Charley didn't have a fever or wasn't super irritable with how infected BOTH of her ears were. Apparently, she was so congested, that it started to make its way through her eyes and ears. She was given antibiotics and prescription eye drops. The only time she cried during the whole thing was when they weighed her. Poor thing. Luckily, Daddy helped her eat a lollipop, and that cheered her right up:

...we were all so worn out, that us three girls fell asleep early in bed together:

...the next morning, Charley watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and was back to her cute little self...except her eye was still all red and puffy:

...the little puff monster devoured tons of puffs that afternoon (her eye was looking much better only a day later thanks to those eye drops):

...we played upstairs in the girls' playroom:

Daddy's Girls

...Charley woke up extra early on Saturday to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

...she took an early nap, and woke up super happy:

...Grace came with Kasie and I to the nail salon to get her first mani/pedi. She put her feet in the water but was too scared to let them do her pedicure. She settled for a fresh coat of polish on her nails. When I asked her what color she wanted, she said "red yike the webbos!":

...Charley became a pro at taking her medicine:

...we had breakfast at The Coffee Cup on Sunday (as per usual):

...Charley took a nap on the way home:

...we laid in bed when we got home to continue her nap, and she snuggled right up to me:

This is how Daddy found us a little later:

...that afternoon, we took pictures for the girls' Valentine's. There were some pretty funny mishaps before we got "the one":

You'll have to wait for the V-day post to see the good one.

...Grace "vacuumed" her play room:

...I made Grace's bed. These are only her most favorite puppies...she has quite a few more:

...Charley slept in my bed with me. She's been doing better in her crib, but she sleeps for much longer stretches when she's snuggled up in between me and Daddy. Since I've been feeling kind of sick myself the past couple of days, I decided that I need the rest. I also don't mind a little extra snuggle time with my littlest love:

That's all for now.

See ya next time :)

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