Last Week...

...the girls played together:

...Stefanie texted me this picture of my niece, Presley, while I was at work to brighten my day:
I just love this little sweetheart <3

...we had dinner at Jason's Deli, and Charley was being so silly:

...Grace did "homework" and practiced tracing her name:

...she looked like such a big girl riding in the car on the way to swim lessons. I can't get over how fast this kid is growing up:

...she waited patiently for her turn at swim lessons:

...she swam like a little fish and had a lot of fun with the new girl in her class:

...My sister, Geni, watched the girls on Wednesday, and she and Chad took them to the park:

...Charley Bear wore her sweet little Teddy Bear jacket:

...Grace snuck into some chocolates:

...Charley got a bruise on her left cheek from falling onto one of Grace's toys (a toolbox):

...we celebrated Valentine's Day.

...Grace wore Mommy's shirt (her favorite form of jammies) while she watched movies on the iPad:

...Charley was a little giggle monster as she ate puffs in her high chair:

...we played with the Sebastians at Run Plus Fun.

...we watched the UNLV game at BWW with Matt, Frannie, and Chris. Of course, we all dressed up to support our Runnin' Rebs:

Apparently, all of that cheering really wore Charley out!

...we ate breakfast at The Coffee Cup on Sunday. We've been coming here for a while now, and Isaac and I really love this place. Not only do they have great food, but their staff is awesome, and the atmosphere is just perfect. We're hoping that Sunday morning breakfasts at The Coffee Cup is something our girls will remember and talk about when we're old. Also, Charley had her first tastes of scrambled eggs and pancakes this week:

Of course, she loved them!

...we spent a couple of hours playing at the park by our house.
...we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and got all kinds of healthy, organic meals for the next week, since we want to start eating better to teach our girls good habits. We decided to try out Freddy's Steakburgers and Frozen Custard for our last unhealthy meal (and it was delicious!):

Here's to being healthy(er) and trying to cook at home all week! Wish us luck...

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