Big Fiftieth Birthday

Craig (aka: Grandpa Whiting) turned fifty this past week:

To celebrate, his brothers and dad flew in from St. Louis to surprise him, and we all met up at Buca Di Beppo's for dinner.

Isaac, the girls, and I got there a little early to decorate. Zacarias, Stefanie, and Presley showed up next followed by the rest of the family.

After we all got acquainted, the guys decided to start things of right with a couple of shots:

We quickly followed that up with some delicious bruschetta and some huge salads:

Presley was hungry, too, so Isaac fed her a bottle:

Craig's brother, Alan, brought him some Food Fighters that they played with all the time as kids as a fun gift for him. He gave them to him to go along with dinner:

Grace finished her food, and then ventured over to help Uncle Zac finish his:

Charley got a little hot, so she went crazy and took her dress off:

Soon, she was ready for a bottle, too:

Once everyone was happy and full, we all hung out enjoying each other's company:

Finally, we sang Happy Birthday and Craiger made his birthday wish:

We had so much fun meeting his brothers and celebrating with him.

Happy Big Fiftieth Birthday, Craiger!! 
May it be your best year yet!

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