Pony Tails

I must say this every month, but isn't it crazy that Grace is already nine months old?

I can't believe it.

It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the living room watching the season premiere of True Blood the night before she arrived.

Now she's yelling, crawling, and squealing all over the place.

We went to her nine month wellness check-up on Monday and here is a list of what she's got going on:

* 22.5 lbs - 95th percentile
* 27.5 inches tall - just above the 50th percentile
* Crawling like a Pro
* Squealing with Excitement
* Six teeth!
* Walking around the furniture with just one hand
HaTeS sleeping (it literally takes hours to get her to bed each night)
* Still wearing 12-18 month clothes
* Serious stranger anxiety (she'll barely let anyone hold her but me)
* Loves to play outside
Olivia is still her favorite show
* Eating "real" food with us (rice, bread, cereal, etc.)
* Waving at everyone
* Enough hair for pony tails :)

I've been waiting for this for months!

She's seriously the most perfect baby in the universe (although I may be a bit biased), and life would most definitely not be complete without her in it.

She makes every day a bajillion times better!

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