This Week...

...Isaac taught Grace how to show off her guns (he would):

...Grace played outside every afternoon with her friend Easton:

...Grandma Lisa came over one morning to watch Grace. She always takes her on a walk through the neighborhood, and Grace was SoOo excited to go:

I LOVE that little dimple

...Isaac bought Grace a jumper, and she loves it (can you say spoiled?):

...Grace practiced feeding herself with a spoon, but NOT with the jar actually open. That would have been just asking for a DiSaStEr:

...she crawled EvErYwHeRe. Baby girl is getting good. I seriously look away for a second, and she's in the next room:

...we went to Lake Las Vegas for one of our favorite events of the year.

...we went to Grandpa & Grandma Espejo's to celebrate some birthdays. Grace always has fun with her aunt and uncles:

And that was our week. I hope yours was just as fun :)

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