This Week...

...we got a puppy!!

...Grace modeled for Grammy.

...we went for LOTS of walks. Since we have a dog now, we figured it'd be nice to go on daily walks so he (and we) can get some exercise. Fortunately, it's also a great way to get Grace to take her afternoon nap. They're both pooped after the long walk:

...Ca$h jumped up and gave Grace her first battle wound under her right eye. We're working on teaching him "NO jumping" even though she didn't seem to mind:

...Grace finally learned to feed herself snacks. She still wants nothing to do with holding a bottle. It's the cutest thing in the world to watch those chunky little hands hold a tiny cereal puff and shove one after another into her pouty little lips:

...she also started resting her feet on the edge of her high chair. What a weirdo:

...Grace fell asleep in the car with Olivia (her favorite toy, books, show, etc.):

...she got SuPeR fast chasing Ca$h all over the living room trying to steal his toys:

...he and Grace both got excited when Daddy came home from work each day:

...Ca$h had his very first vet visit. All went well, and he goes back for another round of shots on the 6th:

...we FINALLY got to hang out with the Brundys. This was especially exciting, because Jamie and I went to high school together (and so did our moms!!) AND had babies at the same time. They live in Cedar City, but are moving back home soon. It was great to meet Jason, see Stacy and Cassie (Jamie's mom and sister), and introduce Gracie and Brodin, because they are going to best buds once he lives closer:

...we played at a new park that our neighbors told us about. We went with Isaac's mom Kim, Elisha, and Elijah, and grabbed some sandwiches from Subway on the way. Grace LoVeD it, and it was a perfect day to spend outside:

...Ca$h decided it would be fun to hide from us. After the incident with Isabel, I freaked when we couldn't find him. We searched everywhere and even squeaked his toys all over the place. Luckily, he was just hiding on the side of the house eating one of these:

I thought getting a puppy was the best idea ever. I'm starting to think that maybe we should have gotten a dog. It's crazy watching Grace and yelling "no" at hyper, chewing puppy every afternoon on my own. I literally count down each minute until Isaac gets home and I get some help. I guess I'll get used to it, and he will grow up, calm down, and eventually learn the rules. Here's to staying sane until then!!

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