Last Week...

...the girls played with their princess barbies. Char loves the Anna and Elsa ones because when you hold their hands together, they sing.

...she got really annoyed when her belly kept pushing buttons and changing things on her iPad.

...she looked adorable as we were leaving for school and has even perfected the "hands on the hip" pose.

...we played outside with the neighbors and their water guns.

...we made a delicious dinner of chicken, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. Seriously one of my most favorite new meals.

...I caught Charley climbing up to the top of the ship in her classroom while her teacher's back was turned. This girl has no fear.

...I got my hair cut across town, so on the way home I grabbed Memphis BBQ for dinner.

...we watched the draft, and Charley was excited to cheer for the Titans after so many months off from football season. We're dying for it to come back! (September 7th is only a few short months away!!) After the Titans pick, the girls ganged up on Daddy and showed him who's boss.

...we had fun at Geni and Chad's rehearsal dinner while Grace took 1,000 selfies, and Charley passed out on the way home.

...Isaac and Matt went hiking on Saturday while us girls were getting ready for Geni's wedding.

...we celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Randall with a beautiful wedding on Saturday night.

...we went to brunch with Rick's family that was all in town for Mother's Day. The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins.

...after brunch, we spent the rest of the day at Bonnie Springs Ranch with the rest of our moms and had such a blast.

...when we got home, the girls surprised me with the sweetest Mother's Day gifts along with my favorite sugar scrub and body frosting from Sweet Bubble. (I have a weird OCD thing where I have to wash my feet and put on lotion and socks every day when I get home. I just can't stand having dirty feet and always imagine tracking the dirt everywhere I go.) This stuff is seriously the best!

...the Sebastians got Char a huge Woody for her birthday, so she now sleeps with it every night and takes it to school with her. She loves to use Woody to give high fives and wave hello.

That's all for now! See you next time :)

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