Last Week...

...we finally got our pictures back that we took last month with my mom's family. Poor Gracie was feeling pretty sick, but Charley hammed it up and stole the show in all of them. They turned out so cute!

...Char took Woody to school with her every day.

...we had dinner at Naga and then ran into Nick, Noah, and JJ at the frozen yogurt place. The kids had fun running around like crazy people.

...the girls watched movies together in bed. Char insisted on the Toy Story/Incredibles/Cars pack of boy panties, and they look so cute on her little tush.

...they had picture day at school, and the pics turned out uber adorable, as per usual.

...they talked me into bringing their Minnie chairs downstairs, since I had the stomach flu Monday and Tuesday, and they couldn't play outside.

...Auntie Allison brought her new puppy over for a visit. The girls loved him and couldn't get enough.

...they snuggled with each other in bed that night. I love how much they love each other.

...I got my nails done in anticipation of our trip to Cali that weekend.

...the girls fell asleep while I packed our suitcases Friday night.

...we spent Saturday in Newport and Sunday running amok in Disneyland.

More vacation pictures coming soon!

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