A More than Perfect Day

Our vacation started at 3:00 pm on Friday. We left the office so thrilled to have ten straight days off, and more importantly, ten straight days to spend together with our baby girls.

When we got home, we packed up all of our stuff and counted down the hours until the next morning. We woke up, grabbed some Starbucks, and headed straight to Newport Beach. The girls chowed down on M&M's and napped, while Isaac and I jammed out to our favorite songs.

We couldn't have been more ready to spend the day next to the ocean. As soon as we got there, the girls were ready to run. We took a stroll down to the Balboa Pier and walked out to check out the waves.

Since the girls were ready to jump in over the side of the pier, we made our way to a spot on the beach. They had so much fun running around and playing in the sand.

That didn't last for long. Daddy took them down to the water, and they literally stayed in it for two hours. Charley was shaking and shivering, because the water was pretty cold, but she didn't want to leave it. They loved hanging on to Daddy as the waves rolled in and soaked them.

We finally talked them into taking a break from the waves, by showing them seashells. They went on a hunt and found tons of them. It was so cute watching Char take them over to Gracie as she found them.

(This was the look Char gave the guy next to us when he said, "Look how cute that little girl is!" She's a firecracker.)

Pretty soon, they were headed back for the water to splash around again. These kids seriously could not get enough of the ocean. Charley just ran all over the beach, back and forth from the waves to the sand and back again. The smile on her face all day was the best. Grace just looked like a total beach babe with those long waves she's rocking.


A few minutes later, we spotted some dolphins playing in the waves right in front of us. There were about ten of them, and they hung out for about an hour just jumping and riding the waves. It was the perfect ending to a more than perfect day!

Once the dolphins left, it was time for us to head to Anaheim. We have a big three days in Disneyland coming up, and we still needed to get dinner and check into the hotel. The girls and I waited while Daddy went to grab the car. They laid down and giggled at each other in the meantime. 

Obviously, after all of that playing, they slept the whole way to the hotel.

We had so much fun in Newport, that we've already booked another trip in a few weeks. I couldn't believe how much the girls absolutely loved the water and sand. I thought they'd be over it quickly, but they didn't want to leave. We can't wait to go back!

(Disneyland, here we come!)

Stay tuned...

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