Smallest Babe of the Bunch {10 Months}

Our little Perr Bear is 10 months old this week and inching closer and closer to her first birthday.

She's still the sweetest little thing and has started to lay her head on my shoulder and pat my back as I pat hers. She loves her big sisters and can kind of say their names. She calls Char Char "Dah Dah" and Gracie "Dahhh Da". It's super cute. She still says "mama" and "dada" when she sees either one of us. She's also waving at anyone or anything and loves to clap and squeal, trying to say "yayyy!".

We've been battling teeth this month with three popping through in the last week. That puts Perry at six total teeth - two on bottom and four on top. Her shirts are pretty regularly soaked from drool, and her fingers are always in her mouth.

She's all about food now and eats anything and everything. She ate her first piece of pizza last week and loved it. Her current favorite foods are black beans, cheese, rice, avocados, peaches, and strawberry cereal bars. She eats regular foods for breakfast, snacks, and lunches at school, and she nurses more than she eats at home. She added a morning bottle at school, so now she's taking one three ouncer around nine and a six ounce bottle around noon. Then she takes a two to three hour nap before Mommy comes to pick her up.

Perry is standing 27.5 inches tall (just like her sisters were at this age) and is 18 pounds (that's two less than Char and four less than Grace!). She's our smallest babe of the bunch and hasn't moved much on either measurement this month. She's constantly on the move, and I had to bribe her with cookies to get her to sit still for a few seconds.

Perry loves to stand more than sit nowadays and has also taken two to three steps here and there. She's sure to be walking in no time. If you try to sit her down, she'll keep her legs straight so you'll have to leave her standing. She can stand for long periods of time and even squat down to pick something up and stand back up again.

Baby loves to be outdoors and our beautiful weather has made us all want to stay outside. She's been loving to swing in the back yard and ride around the street in her wagon. I cleaned up the girls' old playhouse out back and put a rug underneath, so she's been spending some time out there with Grace and Char listening to music and coloring.

Perry is currently in size 6-12 month clothes and fitting in them perfectly. She is still in size four diapers and size two moccasins.

Our schedule is pretty similar to last month, except that soccer has started, which means that we are out past her bedtime three nights a week. Basically, she wants a bath right when we get home and dozes off pretty quickly afterwards. She is getting up a few times a night still to nurse and usually wakes up for good around six in the morning. That's on weekends of course, because we are out of the house by then on weekdays.

Perry does the funniest little fake cry when she wants something. I'll be wiping down her high chair before I take her out, and she she'll do these almost noiseless little cries with her nose scrunched up. It makes me laugh every single time.

She has gotten good with her sippy cup and can now tilt it on her own to get a drink of water or apple juice when she's thirsty. She holds her own bottles at school, so sometimes when she wants milk, she takes a drink from her cup, throws it down, and crawls to me while doing her little fake cry to let me know that she's hungry.

While we aren't wanting this little one to grow any faster, we are getting pretty excited about her first birthday fiesta that is coming up. She's learning new things every day and making us all ooh and ahh over her constantly. I don't think any of us could love her squishy little tush any more.

Happy Ten Months, Boo Boos!

(Grace - Charley - Perry)

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