Sweet Sixteen

Baby Cakes is now sixteen months old:

This one is a big one since she had a wellness check up, so I'll update you on lots of stuff she's got going on:

Baby girl is exactly 25 pounds (75th percentile).

She is 31 inches tall (25th percentile). Short stuff. Just like Mommy.

She's now eating everything...including meat. Yay!

This month, Grace is obsessed with the movie Tangled. Again.

She's in between a size five and a size six in shoes.

She's also in between 18-24 months and 2T clothes.

Grace has twelve teeth (that I know of...it's getting harder to get in there and get a good look).

She's still in size four diapers.

She loves books, coloring, and stickers.

Her favorite outfit is nothing but a diaper.

Girl's got a pretty nice collection of shoes. She's spoiled.

She can say mama, dada, bye, hi, up, Olivia, bubble, Cash sounds more like tahhhh but that's what she calls him, and grandma sounds like ahma.

It's crazy how smart this girl is. She understands almost anything you tell her and picks up on more each and every day.

She's the best thing that could have ever happened to us. 

We were driving home from dinner the other night and Isaac and I both were saying how having her just made life so much more enjoyable. She makes sure that we are constantly smiling. I'm so proud to be her mommy.

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