This Week...

...Grace got to try raviolis for the first time and really liked them:

...we got her a new rocking elephant. She was afraid of it the first couple of days, so she piled some of her stuff on it's back to ride instead:

...Daddy shared an Otter Pop with her:

I seriously used to eat these alllll the time as a child. I bought a huge box and they're already almost gone!

...Grace ate a donut while watching Megamind:

...we got Grace her very own table and chairs since the highchair wasn't working out so well anymore. She even helped us put it together:

She loves it!! Mostly because it makes her feel like a big girl:

...Grandma Lisa got Gracie a new pumpkin night light that she saw at the store and just had to have. Once they got it home and plugged it in though, Grace was too afraid of it to go near it. After a few days of getting used to it, she kept dragging Daddy down the hall to sit by it with her:

We seriously spent like an hour down by it one night. 

Here's a little video of her being adorable:

...Kasie, Isaac, and I decided to make homemade enchiladas this week. Since they take an awful long time, we waited until Saturday to cook instead of making them at our usual Friday night dinner. Marc even came over and helped out:

Four hours later they turned out amazing! We need to do a little more with the beans (like refry them) and switch up the cheeses, but I was pretty impressed with our first time making the world famous Espejo Enchiladas.

...Grace got to wake up and eat her very first breakfast at her new table. Of course Daddy fed her donuts again and then gave her an Otter Pop for dessert (who gets dessert for breakfast? Oh yah, Grace does):

...we watched football in our comfy chair that we got when Grace was born. It was so comfy, Grace fell asleep snuggled up with the blankets and slept the entire second half:

That's all for this week (which seems like it was mostly about food and/or eating food...which is ok by me)!

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