This Week...

...Grandma Lisa took Grace to the pet store to see the kitties:

...we had some awesome rain storms and much cooler weather, so we got to play outside in our winter gear:

The rain also gave us some beautiful sunrises:

...we took Grace to Red Robin for dinner where she got to color and enjoy some of Daddy's milkshake before dinner:

...Grace finally got to wear jammies. She usually just sleeps in a diaper since it's so hot here in the summer. I think she looks her absolute cutest in her footsie jammies. It's one of my favorite things about the weather changing:

...we played outside a lot since it wasn't so hot. Grace has tons of friends in our neighborhood. It's not unusual to see about fifteen kids running around when you drive up our street in the afternoon if the weather is nice. We absolutely love it:

...Isaac spent a lot of time and money getting the garage set up as a gym. We've always had workout equipment in there, but he really has it set up now to do all of his workouts at home. Grace had fun checking out the new equipment:

...Kasie came over for our Friday night cooking session, and we decided to make these Chicken Puffs:

Ours don't look as good as the picture in the recipe, but at least they tasted good!

...Daddy fed Grace sprinkles for breakfast:

...we spent our Saturday at the Renaissance Festival.

...Grace watched Olivia when she woke up Sunday morning:

...we spent our day outside decorating the house for Halloween. This is Isaac's favorite holiday, so we spent a lot of time on it. You can't really tell from the picture, but there are a lot of lights around the front, and he even put two strobe lights in the garage:

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