I Had to Do It

Even though we already spent a whole day at one pumpkin patch, we had to go to the one closer to home as well.

We took Grace there last year and wanted to let her run around and get some more pumpkins this year.

She got all dolled up in her Minnie Mouse costume and went straight for the pumpkins:

Grammy came with us and helped Grace pick out some pumpkins:

Then we played on the haystacks:

Later, Daddy took Grace in another petting zoo. This time we came away with no turkey bites:

Grace also got to go on her very first pony ride. This kid doesn't show any emotion when it comes to this kind of stuff:

Before we left, Daddy took Grace to the top of the haystack:

After we had all of our humongous pumpkins picked out, Isaac loaded them up (along with Grace) in a wheelbarrow and took them to the car:

We got home and took a nap. All that running around really wore us out.

When we woke up, Grace had a blast playing with the pumpkins:

She wasn't too happy when I put her in one though. 

I had to do it:

She's making the same face as last year!

A little later, we had some people over to carve pumpkins.

Even little Tenley stopped by:

Isn't she so sweet?!

Once they were all gutted, Isaac decided to put one on his head:

He's still a kid at heart.

Only Kasie, Isaac, and I lasted to actually carve them since we started so late.

They turned out pretty awesome:


Regan from The Exorcist


Michael Jackson in Thriller


A Halloween Owl

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