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Picture of the Week: Skate Night at Crystal Palace

We went to the Gerfy's after work for some Monday Night Football and pizza. The girls were so cute playing together.

Gracie had to do some homework, and Amelia wanted to read, too.

Perry took a piece of pizza home and lounged in her chair while watching the end of the game.

She stayed up way later than usual, so she passed out pretty quickly when I took her to bed.

She was so happy to see me when I picked her up from school on Tuesday. We played on my phone and waited patiently for Grace and Charley to get back from school.

Wednesday morning, we had a gorgeous sunrise.

Perry said "love you", and I really wanted to get it on video. She was more interested in watching her tongue moving. I did manage to get it at the end, though.

I played with Ava at work on Thursday.

Perry and I hung out waiting for Grace and Char after school again.

The sun's rays were shining through a cloud, and the girls said it was God saying "hello" to us.

Perry ate a quesadilla AND a whole taco for dinner.

Grace got her first patch from her game, so we got it ironed on to her jersey.

Perry brought home a beautiful painting of a yellow school bus.

I did lots of homework with Charley that night, since she didn't have soccer practice. We went through her work from the week, and she was so excited to sing me "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly".

Gracie tried on some new shirts that we ordered and looked so pretty.

We went to skate night for the girls' school and had so much fun. I couldn't believe how well Grace and Char went around the rink over and over without even holding the wall. They love to skate and are finally getting it down.

Of course, Perry snacked on pizza and sang along to the music, while we watched Grace and Char take laps. Every time I'd ask them if they were ready to go, they'd say, "one more time!".

Skating is really exhausting, and they all slept the whole way home.

Perry carried her chicky chair in and plopped down in front of me. She didn't want to take a bath, but she was excited to go night night.

Charley brought home this cute little bear and sang me "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?".

She read books, while Gracie worked on sight words. I was cracking up when Perry wouldn't leave her alone.

We had fun at work on Friday with Ava licking the side of the pack 'n play, and Allison scaring the crap out of Isaac in this clown mask (that he then had to try on).

Perry brought home this little gem from school.

We caught a pretty sunset to go along with our morning sunrises.

The girls watched E.T. for the first time and lost it when he "died".

Grace was talking about chopping her hair off, because she's always so hot. I told her maybe we'd do it in the spring, but we found an app to try out some hairstyles on her. I couldn't get them to work on her picture, but this one of Perry had us all cracking up.

We watched Charley kill it at her soccer game. I just love watching this girl play.

Look at her, turning around to see how close the other team was behind her. 

Perry ate Char's half time grapes and had juice running down her arm.

Then she stole Grace's chocolate milk when she wasn't looking and went over to participate in the half time speech.

Perry fell asleep on the way to Grace's game, so we let her sleep in the wagon.

Gracie was excited that it was finally her turn and played so well. I started out with the camera in my hand, but I always get so into the game that I forget to take pictures. I'll make sure I focus better next time.

She played her friend Bryce, from school, and had to give her a big hug after the game.

We had some friends over for the Canelo vs GGG fight, and the kids played their own version of hot potato in the hallway with glow balls.

Char ran to Target with me on Sunday and really wanted this giant unicorn head. Luckily, I was able to talk her out of it with some Shopkins.

Perry was still napping when we got home.

When she woke up, she munched on some pulled pork with Daddy.

She snuggled in my arms, while we watched Sunday Night Football.

That's all for now. See ya next week <3

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