The Big Dance

After watching the Rebs lose in the MWC Championship game, we were really disappointed, but when the brackets were announced and we saw that UNLV was an 8 seed, we got all excited again.  Isaac and I already have our brackets filled out and are ready for March Madness to officially begin. Because of college basketball, this is always my favorite time of year (plus, it's supposed to get up to 80 degrees this weekend which I can't wait for)! Every year when the Rebels make the NCAA Tournament, a local radio station has parties at Buffalo Wild Wings during their games. Isaac and I have always taken those days off work so we could go too. The first game this year is Thursday at 4 which is perfect because that's right after we get off work. We are planning on heading straight there and watching the Rebs kick some butt!

Isaac, Grace, and I are all ready to watch UNLV dance! Go Rebs!!

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