Spoiled Rotten!

Every Wednesday, we go out to dinner with my mom's family. This week was better than usual because we went to Chevy's AND my sister Andrea was in town!

Since we were at the mall, we decided to go check out what new stuff they had at Baby Gap. My mom had never been in there before so she went a little crazy and bought Grace tons of new outfits! But first, we passed Kid's Footlocker so she had to stop in there for a bit...

Grace ended up with possibly the cutest shoes to ever be made! And yes, they light up when you walk. They didn't have them in infant sizes so she'll probably be about 12-18 months when she wears them which is just perfect because she should be walking by then!!

When we finally made it to Gap we got about 10 new outfits! I'll just post some of my favorites...

Cute little spring dress (for next year)

Jumper...we got a cute ruffled little white top to go underneath 

Turtle Jammies

All of this cute little girly stuff just makes me want her here that much quicker!! C'mon Grace...hurry up!

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