We Ate McDonalds?

This past Saturday, Isaac and I went out for the first time since we had Grace. We've left her before, but not to go out drinking with our friends.

We decided to go to the Mike Posner concert with Kelli and Eddie because one of our favorite new groups, Far East Movement, was performing.

We started the nights off with shots of Patron.

It was still early after we went in to pick up our tickets from will call...

...so we went back to the car for more shots.

Far East Movement performed.

Kelli and I kind of enjoyed it had A BLAST dancing to G6!

Mike Posner came on.

We had some more fun dancing.

The four of us :)

After the concert, we met up with Matt and Frannie at Eye Candy (a bar inside Mandalay Bay) to dance some more. They weren't playing very good music though, so we left and planned on meeting them somewhere else.

I honestly don't remember this part. We ate McDonalds?

Apparently, we never made it wherever we were supposed to be meeting them, because after this we went home.

We had so much fun drinking, dancing, and hanging out with such good friends of ours. I have to admit though, the best part of the night was coming home and snuggling in bed with Gracie!

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