Last Week...

...we ordered some steaks from Omaha Steaks, and they came in a package with dry ice. Daddy and the girls had a blast playing with it after bath time on Monday.

...the girls snuggled together, and Toodles hung his head over the side of the top bunk to watch them. Apparently, that's his bed now. (You can see his little head at the very top.)

...Grace caught a ladybug at soccer practice on Wednesday.

...we watched West Side Story with the girls. They loved it and loved dancing to the songs.

...I saw this on Friday, and Isaac and I debated over whether it was real or not. Either way...gross.

...Isaac took the girls on a hike Saturday morning, while I soaked in a bubble bath. They had a blast exploring with Daddy.

...Gracie had a game later that day and begged coach to put her in every time she came out. She's really loving soccer, which makes me so excited to watch her skills grow each week.

...Char always wants to be by sister, even during her game.

...she caught another ladybug after the game and named it Luna. She was very upset when Daddy wouldn't let her bring it in the car.

...Char napped, while we drove home.

...she had lots of energy afterwards, so she wrestled with Daddy, while he was trying to nap.

...I made a long "honey do" list for Isaac, and he finally got started on it. We spent most of Saturday night deep cleaning different rooms and completing tasks - like hanging this shelf that I bought six months ago. Now I need to find something to put on top of it.

...we went to Hash House for breakfast Sunday, where we enjoyed the greatest banana french toast ever while Char colored.

...after breakfast, Daddy took Grace to Star Nursery and bought her a thousand ladybugs to make up for leaving Luna behind at the soccer game. He sprinkled them all over our yard, and Grace loved watching them. Charley refused to touch them and just liked to watch sister hold them.

...back inside, my little bug fell asleep on my lap. I had just been talking about how I couldn't wait to have a baby sleeping on my chest in a couple weeks. Thanks, Char.

...I secretly recorded Grace dancing to Britney Spears. She kept looking at me to see if I was recording her, so Isaac and I pretended to be looking at something else on my phone. This girl cracks me up.

...after baths on Sunday, I painted the girls nails pink with sparkles per their request.

We had a great week and are counting down the days until baby time! Almost there!!

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Last Week...

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