Last Week...

...the girls stayed with Papa Craig and Grandma Sunshine Sunday night, so they got to go swimming on Monday with them. These girls are like little fishies and could totally live in the pool.

...they played with their Tsum Tsums and tried stacking them all up, but they have so many that they just kept falling all over the place. Charley is definitely Queen of the Tsum Tsums. Girl is OBSESSED!

...all of that stacking really wore the girls out and they both passed out on me while watching Aladdin.

...Char wore her cutest watermelon gear to school on Tuesday and looked extra sweet.

...the girls started gymnastics after school on Tuesdays and loved it. Charley is in a small class and just giggles the whole time, while Gracie is in a class with bigger girls. I think it's great, because it will push her to try hard to keep up with them, and she'll learn a lot.

...the girls rode their bikes after school on Wednesday with Char trying her hardest to keep up with sister.

...we had dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's with the family, because Elijah moves to Reno this weekend. I'm super bummed that I didn't get a picture of him with the girls that night. We miss you already, Uncle!

...the girls played on their iPad Photobooth and took a million silly pictures. They were laughing so hard, and I took some of them to share.

(Caveman Charley)

...they talked Daddy into painting their nails after school on Thursday. 

(Best Daddy ever!!)

...Grace is looking so big lately. I can't get over how much her face has changed in recent weeks.

...Char continued to wear the cutest outfits to school.

...she played in a sheet "fort" in Mommy and Daddy's bed on Saturday morning while we watched Fixer Upper on HGTV (it's become a weekend morning ritual).

...Grace waited anxiously for Daddy when we went to pick up our new car that finally arrived two-and-a-half months after we ordered it.

...the girls were so excited to ride in it for the first time...

...we finally brought home our new baby and couldn't be more in love with it. We searched every kind of third row SUV and after seeing how much the prices have gone up on them all, we looked at the Range Rover Sport HSE. It wasn't much more than the 4WD Tahoe we were looking at, so we decided to test drive it and see what we thought. I looked at the Range Rovers when I got my Traverse back in 2010, but the inside was so outdated and almost ugly. I was very surprised when we saw them in person, and they redid the entire model to be more modern. It's gorgeous! My Traverse had a lot of "get up and go", so I wanted to make sure that whatever I got was at least that powerful. This supercharged V6 blows that old thing out of the water. 

It's the nicest car either of us has ever owned, drives like a beast (although a really nice, smooth one), and looks so pretty. I can't wait to drive it every single day, and Isaac even made room in the garage for me to park it. I'll share some pictures of the inside soon. Isaac has been working his butt off at work the past year (we're talking mostly twelve hour days) and as the saying goes: work hard, play hard!

...the girls played on the trampoline while we grilled and hung out with some family that was in town. We had so much fun catching up with them, and I finally got to feel Baby Amelia kicking inside Francesca's belly. Such a fun night!

...I had a nail appointment and enjoyed some time by myself early Sunday morning. As usual, Tiffany did a great job on my nails! Go see her at Aqua Salon on Horizon :)

...we spent Sunday at the Westin with our family and friends, because GRACE TURNED FIVE!! We had so much fun swimming, sliding, and laughing with our favorite people, and Gracie felt extra special with all of the love. Thank you all so much for coming and celebrating with us.=!

 started to thunder and lightning late in the afternoon, so we had to get out of the pool. Everyone started heading home. Since we were basically the only ones left, the manager gave these kiddos free Icee's. We hung out for a while longer. It's so fun to watch these guys grow up together. We are so lucky that we got the best neighbors ever, and even better that we got some great friends out of the deal!

(I totally feel like JJ and Char could be twins in this picture!)

...on the way home, Shelly took Char and Easton and got Gracie some donuts from our favorite Friendly's Donut Shop. After donuts and baths, we sang Happy Birthday to our girl, and she shared the biggest cupcake with her sister. 

Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl! We love you!!

See you next week <3

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