This past weekend we drove past a pumpkin patch near our house, and I knew that I had to take Gracie there. I told my mom about it, but she had a meeting and said she couldn't make it.

Isaac got off work around 3, so Grace and I met him down there. The first thing we did was get a caramel apple and a funnel cake.

Isaac and Gracie waited for the people to make them while I snapped some pictures.

The caramel apple really made it feel like fall!!

Isaac really enjoyed his funnel cake. They're his favorite, and this one was seriously the best ever! It was so thick and covered with powdered suger...DELICIOUS!!

We ran into one of our friends there, so were able to catch a quick family photo.

Grace played with some pumpkins and was really fascinated by all of the big orange balls everywhere.

Then we went over to look at the goats. The petting zoo was closed, but Grace still had fun watching them eat hay.

Isaac and Grace searched through all of the pumpkins.

When they found the biggest one, we had to get it.

Grandma showed up and surprised us!

Grace was pretty excited to see her.

We posed for pictures as a horse, cow, and pig.

Then we grabbed one more picture of Gracie with the pumpkins.

The best picture of all came when we got home. We hollowed out the giant pumpkin and put Grace inside for some sweet pictures. Unfortunately, she wasn't as thrilled as we were, but they still turned out absolutely adorable.

 I can't wait for next year when she can walk around and pick out her own pumpkin!

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