Texas Twister

When I was younger, my dad would always make me go take me to Art in the Park in Boulder City. I heard that it was going to be there again this weekend and decided that I wanted to take Grace so she can share the same memories.

This was the 48th year that they have had this art festival. Different vendors set up booths with all kinds of art: paintings, jewelry, clothing, crafts, etc. There are always tons of people, beautiful items, and great food.

Grace napped through the first half while Isaac and I checked out all of the artists work. When she woke up she was happy to be outside and really enjoyed people watching and seeing all of the bright colors everywhere.

One booth I really liked was selling these picture albums. How creative is that? And it would be so cute with all of Grace's baby pictures. The woman also made some pretty neat cookbooks with matching recipe inserts. I may have to order some of her stuff.

Another booth I liked was one that made these adorable aprons. The booth actually caught my eye because they had sport-themed aprons for kids. Unfortunately, they were all sold out of the Titans ones, so I got Gracie this one:

I really like that it's vinyl so when she gets older she can wear it while she paints or colors and whatever she spills on it can just be wiped right off.

Isaac's favorite part of of these types of events is definitely the food. They have all kinds of snacks and one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Montesanos, even had a booth there!

He always has to get a Texas Twister! It's kind of like a cherry, orange, lemonade, fruit punch mixture. Hard to describe, but delicious to drink:

We gave Gracie a little taste, and she loved it. She kept licking her lips and looking for more:

She also got a little taste of the cinnamon roasted almonds, which are my absolute favorite thing about Art in the Park. You can get these delicious little guys at sporting events too, but they are never the same as the warm ones you get at festivals:

After we ate, we hung out in the shade and relaxed for a bit. We've been having some storms move through the valley lately (I'm enjoying the thunder and pouring rain right now!) so it was a beautiful, sunny, 80 degree day. We don't get this type of weather very often, so you've got to get outside and enjoy it when we do!

Apparently, all of the walking around wore Grace out, because on the way home she couldn't stop yawning.

When we got home, Isaac fed her a bottle and then I found them both passed out.

We had such a great time, but I really can't wait to take Grace again next year when she can run around and play!

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