The Night Before Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween, we went to a party that was being thrown by Las Vegas Marina at Lake Mead. We started off the night by heading to my parent's boat so we could all get ready together. Once we were all dressed up, the Walkers picked us up in their boat and drove us over to the marina. We danced, drank, and laughed at all of the funny costumes we saw. All in all it was a pretty great night.

Grace came with us and slept in her stroller most of the night. She dressed up in her little kitty costume.

Mom and Rick were pirates.

I was a vampire, and Isaac was Michael Myers.

Jeni was a vampire and Allison was Mrs. Jason.

The kids.

A picture of the whole fam before we left (Grace was sleeping).

I'm glad we got to spend Halloween weekend with our family. It's so fun to show Grace all of our traditions. Just wait until you see her Trick-or-Treating!!

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