Happy Easter, Everybunny!

Last Sunday was Easter. Since we got the girls bikes last year, I wanted to keep things low key this year. I got the girls these little baskets with some bubbles, water balloons, and candy in them. Apparently the Easter bunny had a different idea and got the girls wireless Beats by Dre headphones, as well. 

(The back story here is that the girls watch their iPads in bed every night before it's time to go to sleep. I have probably bought each of them at least five pair of cheap, Disney headphones in the past two years. The cord always breaks or gets twisted or just randomly stops working. We saw these cordless headphones at Target a few weeks ago, and Isaac and I thought they would be awesome for the girls...and then saw the price. We decided not to get them and the girls have been without headphones since then.)

When the girls woke up Sunday morning, they came downstairs and kept peeking out the back windows looking for eggs. They didn't see any, so Isaac and I told them that maybe the Easter Bunny didn't bring any. They were pretty bummed, but their faces lit right up when they noticed their "Easter baskets" sitting on the table. They were so excited about their new headphones and made sure to charge them, so they'd be ready for that night. Grace was especially happy that they could turn up so loud, because this girl loves to listen to music.

We showered and got all ready, while Daddy went to get us some Friendly's Doughnuts and coffee for breakfast. We walked outside to head to Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's for the morning when the girls noticed some eggs on Daddy's car. They started looking around and ran back inside to get their buckets. It turns out the Easter Bunny did leave them some eggs after all. (Daddy also left them each an egg with $20 inside. He couldn't help himself while he was out on his doughnut run.)

The girls had so much fun searching for all of the eggs around the front yard. After they found them all, we got ready to leave for real this time.

We arrived at Grandpa and Grandma's, and the girls were so happy to see Presley and Paxton. I made them all pose for a picture, and we got a cute one of each of them, although not in the same picture.

After playing for a bit, Uncle Elijah and Ashley hid all of the eggs that the Easter Bunny had left on the table for them. Then it was time for another egg hunt, and the kids had so much fun searching the yard for eggs and even pointing them out for each other to find. They were so sweet!

After a while, we had to leave to go to Papa and Grammy's for Easter number three of the day. Of course, Charley wanted to hold baby Kaitlyn immediately, so we snagged a picture of these four cute cousins.

Kaitlyn was a little fussy, and the girls did their best to soothe her. I asked Char if she wanted me to take her, but she wanted to take care of her on her own.

Grammy made a delicious ham lunch, but the kiddos wanted to hunt for eggs first. We followed them outside and all around the backyard while they filled up their baskets.

After their final egg hunt of the day, we ate a delicious lunch and hung out in the backyard enjoying the beautiful weather. Charley went inside to take a nap, as per usual, so Grace snuggled her while she watched a movie. These girls are unreal and so sweet to one another (most of the time).

The grown-ups played giant Jenga outside and enjoyed some Castello di Amorosa wine from our wine club.

We had such a fun Easter weekend with our families. The girls always get so excited when they get to play with their cousins, and love spending time together. We're lucky to have everyone close enough that we get to see them all the time.

We asked the girls if they knew what Easter was all about. Grace said, "It's to celebrate the Easter Bunny's birthday!". Isaac started explaining how Jesus rose from the dead and the tomb was empty after His crucifixion. Charley then said, "and then he gave everyone Easter eggs?". These girls sure keep us laughing.

Happy Easter, Everybunny <3

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