Last Week...

...Grace hung out with Daddy:

...she rocked her baby elephant to sleep:

...she watched Happy Feet (a new favorite):

...Charley continued to spit her binky out, although she does seem to like it a lot more now:

...Uncle Zac and Stef came over for dinner, and Gracie played with cousin Presley:

She even tried feeding her Oreos (Presley's favorite food):

...Grace played in the pool with Cash:

...Charley played with Daddy at the office:

...we went to Memphis Barbecue for dinner: doll played in her carseat:

...she slept peacefully in her Boppy:

...Grace and I shared some Pink Bubblegum ice cream from Baskin Robbins (the best kind!):

...both of the girls had check-ups with Dr. Vu:

Grace hasn't been since she was eighteen months, so I was interested in checking out her stats. She's 34 inches tall (fiftieth percentile) and twenty-nine pounds (seventy-fifth percentile). Doc says she's very healthy. She also has twenty teeth! They couldn't believe that we had her fully potty-trained (proud mama right here!). I was pretty nervous about taking Grace because she's at an age now where she tells you what she wants or doesn't want. I thought she'd cry and throw a fit when they tried to check her out. Big girl was so helpful and totally proved me wrong. She opened her mouth, let them check her ears, and even held up her shirt so doc could listen to her beautiful heartbeat. I was very impressed. Grace even did well with her shots. The crying only lasted as long as it took Isaac to ask her if she wanted a sucker. She even got a glittery Minnie Mouse sticker, and she was totally fine after that:

Charley was also very good, but that's because she doesn't know how to be bad. At two and a half months, she weighs 11 pounds, six ounces and is 22 inches long. Both of these stats and her head circumference were in the fiftieth percentile. She's basically the perfect baby (duh!). The doctor mentioned once again how alert she was for being so young. She's like a little adult just looking around the room taking everything in. She cried after her shots, but the binky helped her feel much better:

Both girls did great and are hitting all of their milestones in advance. They didn't have any reactions to their shots. Charley did sleep for three days straight barely waking up to eat, but that's nothing new. She has been staying awake for much longer stretches since then, and loves to look at her surroundings. She could stare at the ceiling fan for hours if we'd let her. Being outside is her favorite, just like it was Grace's. She loves to sit out in the fresh air (that's actually not very fresh here in Vegas...cabin trip soooonnn), and feel the breeze. Charley is such a sweetie pie.

After the doctor visit, Grace and I played outside and watched the rain clouds moving in:

Charley stayed inside and had fun with Daddy:

...we played outside in the backyard with bubbles:

...Grace held Charley on her lap:

...Daddy held Charley while she napped:

...we got some awesome rainy weather that cooled the temperature down quite a bit for a week or two. It came with some nice lightning shows. Once again we had plans to check out jazz by the lake at Lake Las Vegas and once again our plans changed right before. This time we actually piled Grace, Charley, Kasie, Jeremy, Isaac, and myself into the car, left to head out there, and came back home. The sky was black and since the stage out there is metal and lightning was rockin' the skies, we decided they had probably cancelled it and we'd better try again in a week or so. Someday we'll make it out there. Instead, we sat on the driveway sipping on beers and wine with Nick and Shelly while the kiddos played. Can you believe Grace and Noah stayed up until midnight?! Crazy kids. Grace sat on Noah's lap while the watched the lightning. She was pretty amazed by it and kept telling us, "I see ittttt!":

...we ate strawberries with breakfast, and Grace kept asking for more. She literally ate the whole box and wouldn't let me cut them up. I'm a big girl moooommmm:

...we took her to get a new toy. While at the doctor's office, they had a cool magnetic color maze. To my surprise, Grace was really good at it. We went to Lakeshore Learning and get her one to play with at home to help her get better with her colors. She knows blue, pink, and orange really well already:

...Sunday was another pretty, much cooler day, so we played outside some more. Daddy tried teaching Grace to ride her bike:

Kasie and Jeremy got Grace some fun bubble stuff for her birthday, so her and the neighbor kids bubbled up the whole driveway. Check out Grace hoarding all the attention like usual:

She's such a boss.

She played with her Olivia umbrella when it sprinkled:

Charley enjoyed the rain from the view of her Bumbo:

This thing is such a life saver. She can hang out with us, and we are still able to play with Grace.

We had suckers:

Daddy gave Charley more kisses (he seriously hasn't stopped kissing her since the day she was born):

This was a busy week! Grace was so worn out that she fell asleep at the table like this:

See ya next week :)

P.S. This is my 350th post!! Go me for staying on top of it for this long.

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