Last Week...

...Charley played in her Bumbo:

...she also gave Mommy some pretty smiles:

...Grandma Lisa stayed with Grace and Charley on Monday. Grace colored all over her face  and watched movies with sister:

...we had a dinner date at Lindo Michoacan (the real one this time):

...Charley hung out with Grammy all week while Mommy worked:

...we celebrated Fourth of July with lots of family and friends.

...we had dinner at El Torito with the family and Daddy smothered Charley with kisses:

...we got ice cream at Baskin Robbins:

...I took a picture of Grace's hair after her bath, because I couldn't believe how long it was! When it dries, her little ringlets make it look so much shorter:

...Charley started sleeping on her side:

...we went out to breakfast and Grace got to play games with Daddy while we waited for our food. He won her a teddy bear, and she got chocolate milk just like Mom:

...we shopped at the mall for a few hours and Charley got her ears pierced. She did great and only cried for a minute. Even though this was the second time around for me, I still couldn't watch. I made Isaac hold her, and he even had a hard time watching:

Daddy had to get his Cinnabon fix. Then he dropped a piece on Charley's head while eating it:

...Saturday we had plans to go to jazz by the lake at Lake Las Vegas, but when we were getting ready to leave, Grace saw Noah and Easton outside and wanted to play with them instead. Since we can't ever tell her no We stayed home to play and then ended up going to Matt and Frannie's house to watch some fights. Grace played with Tenley for a bit:

(Grace is a shorty. Tenley is only eight months old, and they're almost the same size!)

She tried really hard to share her new Minnie Mouse book with Tenley:

And even crawled around with her:

The next morning, the girls watched some Mickey Mouse:

...we met Poppa and Gran at the splash pad for some fun in the sun:

Poppa fed Charley a bottle and she went right back to sleep:

Gracie wanted to run through the water, but not by herself (duh!). So she made Daddy take her:

We spent the rest of the day Sunday moving furniture. I can't leave things the same for too long or I go crazy. Good (or bad?) thing we have lots of stuff and room to rearrange the house as often as I'd like. We moved Grace's playhouse out into the back yard. She seems to like it a lot better out there. We also moved all of our couches around again. This is our downstairs now:

The reason for this big move was because we really want to start utilizing our upstairs. It's where the bulk of our square footage is, and no one ever goes up there. We moved the sectional up there, so we can watch TV upstairs on the weekends.

We also decided to change Grace's room into a playroom for the girls. I said when I was pregnant with Charley that she would be my Minnie Mouse girl (since Grace was all about Olivia and Elmo), so we chose to go with a Minnie Mouse theme since Gracie loves her too. I ordered these adorable recliners:

They should come in sometime in the next two weeks. Once we get them, we're going to start painting. They also have a matching toybox and couch, but I want to get the room all ready before I order them, so I know if I just want one or both. I cannot wait to get the room done. I just know the girls are going to love it for years to come!

That's all for now.

See ya next week :)

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