Last Week...

...Papa Rick got Grace's playhouse all ready for her. She is in love with the little bunny on the porch. Her swing set should be in next week, and then it'll finally be done:


...we got some more rain. The weather has been beautiful lately! I got a good shot of it pouring on our office as I was on my way to work:

Unfortunately, when I arrived the rain had already moved on. I did get a pretty rainbow to brighten up my day, though:

...Charley discovered her tongue and is now fascinated with getting anything and everything into her mouth:

...Gracie practiced counting to fifteen:

...we played outside without melting due to the cloud cover:

...Charley did a bit of tummy time. She loved looking in her mirror and tried really hard to use her eyes to move her rattle:

This only lasts a few minutes. She's not a fan of tummy time, much like her sister.

...we spent the weekend at our family cabin in Utah and had a really fun couple of days with some family and the Simmons.

See ya next week :)

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Last Week...

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