Last Week...

...Gracie and I shared some chocolate cream pie after work:

(Don't worry. We didn't eat the whole thing!)

...Grace tried on Mommy's shoes. She's not too good at walking in them just yet: Charley napped in her swing:

...she also hung out in sister's Olivia chair:

(She's getting so big!!)

...I put Charley to bed each night while Isaac gave Grace her bath. When Grace comes to bed, her and I get some special quiet time to hang out together. We snuggle, say prayers, and give tons of Eskimo and Butterfly kisses. It's so special to me, and I know that she loves her Mommy time, too:

...Charley hung out at work some more:

...Grace stopped by the office and colored at Mommy's desk. She kept dancing to the music and then suddenly realized that she had to go potty:

...the girls were so tired from their afternoon at work that they both passed out when we got home:

(Notice the yellow highlighter all over Grace's face...kid loves to color!)

...a little later, we turned Charley's crib into a play area since she doesn't sleep in it just yet. She's getting really good at holding her little head up to look in the mirror:

Of course Grace saw how much fun Charley was having and had to join in:

...Charley swang away (she does that a lot):

...Gracie and I made Fourth of July jell-o cups: girl hammed it up for a picture:

...Charley slept with her hands by her face. This is her favorite way to sleep:

Apparently Grace likes to sleep with her arms in the air, too:

...we celebrated Easton's second birthday at Bounce U:

(Happy Birthday, Eastie!!)

...Charley hit the two month mark already!

...Grace and Daddy wrestled when they woke up Saturday morning:

...we had a pre-Fourth of July celebration with some friends out at Lake Las Vegas.

...Uncle Zacarias finally got to come home after spending twenty-three days on multiple fires:

(That's him on the front lines!)

Hope everyone else had a great week, too!

See ya next time :)

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