Who Knew?

Last week, Grace and Charley's Great Papa and Great Grandma Taylor came in town to visit them.
The same weekend they were here, the NASCAR race happened to be in town, and our company had a suite at the races.
Isaac remembered his papa taking him to races as a kid, so he knew that this would be such a fun experience for him.
We put a few tickets on reserve and didn't tell him anything about it. Isaac wanted to surprise him when he flew in and have us all meet them at the airport.
When Papa and Grandma Di's flight arrived almost half an hour early, we had to figure out another way to surprise them with the VIP NASCAR passes.
Isaac's mom picked them up from the airport and met us all for breakfast at Blueberry Hill (yummm). The babies were already ready for naptime and slept in their carseats.

After we all hugged each other and ordered our breakfast, Isaac told Papa that we were going to be heading to the races the same day and handed him the passes.
It was so fun to watch him. He was in shock and so surprised!

 We ate quickly in order to head to the races before they started.
Since we had VIP parking passes and got a shuttle ride up to the track, we spent some time shopping around and taking in the whole experience before heading to the suite.
We stopped at the Carl Edwards truck to buy some gear. It was pretty awesome and of course, Grace had to have a Carl Edwards tiger (you'll see her hanging onto it in the pictures down below).

Finally, we found our suite and were so excited to check it out.
The inside was amazing. We could see everything, but it wasn't loud, so the babies could hang out. Plus, we got complimentary food and drinks, so that made it even better.
(Babies and Beers)
Where was Grace? She made a new friend (a four-year-old named Paige) and spent the entire time playing with her and her family. It was so cute when they left. Grace kept asking, "where's my Paige?" We decided to set up a play date for them soon!
The races were incredible. I've never been a race fan or have even ever watched a race before. Getting ready for the cars to take off, feeling the vibration, and hearing the sound of their engines as they sped by us was so exciting! (Totally reminded me of the clip from Talladega Nights with Molly Shannon.)
Once they were over, we headed across the track to the Neon Garage.
The girls had some cotton candy.
I got the cutest little smile from Presley:
(She's so stinkin' cute!)
Charley hung out with Daddy while Grace told Papa all about her experience at "the waces".
We had the best day with the family! Who knew NASCAR could be so much fun?

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