Egg-stra Egg-citing

Each year since Gracie was born, we've dyed Easter eggs with my dad.

Year One:

Year Two:

Year Three:

I'm not going to lie, we're getting pretty good at this. You may even call us egg-sperts.

This year, Grace chose Sparkling Glitter egg dye. She was so egg-cited and wouldn't stop saying spawk-a-ley. We started using that instead of cheese to smile for pictures, because it's so cute.

We waited patiently for Poppa and Gran to arrive, so we could get started.

When they got here, I was in the room feeding Charley. Grace came running in and said, "Gwan bought a pwesent for me! Wanna come see?" She was so funny. They had brought the girls the cutest outfits and some Easter candy.

Grace's favorite part? A new puppy purse that she named 'Fancy'.

Charley was more interested in the Peeps.

Grace helped Poppa get the colors all ready for the eggs. He would put the vinegar in, and then she would drop in the color and watch it fizz. (One cup accidentally got pink and orange put in it.)

Once they were all ready to go, Poppa helped Grace put the eggs in.

(Notice how curious Charley is.)

She was so careful and concentrated so hard, so she didn't break any.

Charley was fascinated by the eggs. She broke a couple, so we let her try them out.

Not a fan.

After a few minutes, we checked on the eggs to see how they were doing. Grace was excited with each different color.

She made sure to tell Poppa where to put each one.

We had fun transferring the eggs from color to color to see what we could come up with.

The sparkles definitely made them prettier.

Everything is better with glitter! It's my favorite color.

I love following traditions with my girls. Having them around makes each holiday that much more fun. I'm glad that we can share this experience with my dad and Ellie each and every year. It's something that the girls will always remember and cherish, and it makes dying Easter eggs egg-stra egg-citing.

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