Last Week...

...Monday was Great Papa and Great Grandma Taylor's last day in town, so Isaac and I took the day off work to spend with them. We met up at Zac's house and took the kiddos over to Avellino Park to play:
Charley loves playing with Presley's hair.

...we met Stefanie for lunch at Lucille's in The District, and then headed back to our house for a bit. After everyone took a nap, we got some four generation pictures with Papa:

...Grace played in her house, and Great Grandma Di helped her practice on her bike and Tinkerbell rollerskates. Meanwhile, Papa pushed Charley around in her Minnie Mobile:

...before we said goodbye, Papa and Grace hung out with her big teddy bear:
We had such a great visit with them and can't wait to see them again soon!

...when Tuesday rolled around, it was back to business as usual. Charley and I played with bubbles in the garage:

...Isaac had ordered a new piece of workout equipment, and it finally came in. He had Zacarias and Nick help him out with it. While they were putting it together, a few of the other neighbors joined in the fun, and the kids went crazy over all the bubble wrap:
(Can you tell he's excited?)

...Presley took a nap in Grace's old swing and woke up so happy and smiley:

...Grace and Noah ate breadsticks together:

...on Wednesday, my mom was out of town, so she switched days with Elisha and Grandma & Poppa. Grace always gets Slurpees on Fridays when I pick her up from my grandparents, so we stopped on Wednesday instead:

...Charley went through a growth spurt, and her little legs got so long that they were getting squished up against the seat of my car. We decided that it was time to upgrade her to a big girl car seat. It's about the same point that we upgraded Gracie (11 months):

...she ate peaches while waiting for us to cook dinner (which was delicious, by the way. We've never made hamburgers patties from scratch before, but decided to try them out and have Geni and Chad over for dinner. I can't wait to make them again.):

...pretty girls slept really hard that night:

...I got a nice surprise when Charley woke up at 2am throwing up all over. I put her in my bed where she threw up twenty minutes later. I spend a good part of the next day washing sheets, mattress covers, and blankies. Plus, I had to take another day off this week. Gracie was such a  sweet sister taking care of Charley and watching movies with her:

...Charley slept a lot, so Grace played while sister napped:
"See I got my gwoves on, mom!"

...when Charley woke up, she just wanted Mommy and followed me around everywhere. Poor wittle pitiful girl:

...I totally felt like a stay-at-home mom that day. I went to the grocery store, did 563 loads of laundry, a sink full of dishes, bathed and dressed both babies (one multiple times), and managed to get dressed myself. Sometimes I feel like I'd like to do this everyday. Then there are days where I can't wait to escape to my crazy office just to get out of my crazy house. The grass is always greener on the other side, right?

On our shopping trip, Grace pushed the cart, so I could carry sister. She insisted on buying a few items for herself. I told her we had to move fast in case Charley got sick again:

...Charley downed some Pedialyte and felt much better. Luckily it was just some sort of twelve hour bug. She got sick at 2am and was totally fine by about 2pm: Aunt Jessie and cousin Sydney were in town from Texas, so we met for dinner at Ventano (duh!). Grace fell asleep on the way there while eating a banana:

...Charley missed her Daddy all day while he was at work, so he got some extra love at dinner:

...Mike took Gracie in the back to make her own ice cream sundae. This girl is so spoiled:

...Charley went to bed right when we got home that night:

...the next day, the girls went to Grammy's house. They fought over who got to sleep on her lap at nap time:

...Grace woke up just in time for me to walk in the door, get her to the sink, and then it was her turn to throw up. She basically just slept on the couch all afternoon/night. Charley had fun walking around without getting run over for the evening:
...we also played outside while Grace slept. She woke up to come out and play in the wagon for a bit but went right back to sleep afterwards:

(Checking out an airplane.)

...later that night, Charley and I read books. Charley loved feeling the fuzzy animals, and it helped her fall asleep pretty quickly:

...the next morning was the day of the St. Patrick's parade on Water Street. Both of the girls were back to their giggly selves. I was so happy, because we haven't missed the parade since Gracie was born. We headed down there just before it was getting ready to start: 

This little guy sat right in front of Grace, so she could pet him!

We saw the Ditata's, so Grace played with Tenley for a little bit. Seriously, how long do girlfriend's legs look? She's getting so big, and I'm not ready for that yet:

That was about it for the parade. I have to admit, it was a little lame this year. We had some watermelon and left early, because we were bored. Hopefully it's better next year. I'm sure it'll be more fun when we can enjoy the carnival that comes after the parade:

We parked in front of Grandma & Poppa's house, so we stopped in to say hello for a bit:

 ...luckily, we had the Rebel game to entertain us that afternoon. Charley always gets giddy when she gets to wear her Rebel gear. We played in the back yard with bubbles while Daddy and sister napped:

 ...after a crazy week, Kasie, Brittney, and I went out for drinks and tapas at Firefly. We had so much fun. I definitely needed a night out with the girls:

...Sunday morning, we went to breakfast at Rachel's Kitchen (this is where we eat when we wake up late. It you get to The Coffee Cup after 8:00, there is like an hour wait!) to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, enjoy a live jazz band and take in some beautiful weather:

...after breakfast, we continued our tour of parks around the city and stopped by Discovery Park. This one was awesome. They had lots of different playgrounds for babies, toddlers, and big kids. Both girls had a blast:

...after the park, we did our weekly shopping at Trader Joe's where they gave Grace and Charley suckers, and we grabbed some flowers to celebrate the fact that it's finally spring:

...Charley practiced walking some more:

...she enjoyed some lunch. I love how she always has her little feet crossed...such a little lady:

...we snuggled in bed to end the week:

This may have been our most packed week ever. It took me two whole nights just to finish this post! I have no idea how we even fit it all in...

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