Last Week...

...Daddy shared a sweet snack with the girls:

...Grace got a new hat, sunglasses, and a horse named 'Dakota'. She proudly showed them off when we got home from school/work:

...she loved her hat so much that she wore it all afternoon while we played in the backyard and watered her flowers:

(They actually started growing!)

...we practiced counting to ten in Spanish. Grace gets to frustrated with herself when she can't do something perfectly. She's definitely a perfectionist like her mama:

...Charley played with Elmo and tried to brush her hair:

...Grace went to swim lessons and did so well. She's this close to getting moved up to the next level:

...the girls dyed Easter eggs at Grammy's house, had their first Easter egg hunt of the week, and even made the cutest Easter cupcakes:

...we played in the backyard some more, and Charley really showed off her walking skills. She can even get up easily with no help after falling down:

...after all that walking, Charley was really tired and passed out early. Grace joined her a little later:

...Grace picked strawberries at Poppa's house:

...her Marigolds really went crazy while the Calendulas were just barely starting to pop through the soil:

...we dyed Easter eggs with Poppa and Gran Friday night.

...Charley woke up extra early to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

...Charley has one more month until her first birthday!

...she climbed into Grace's bed all by herself, and Grace explained marriage:

...we went to the mall where Grace and Charley both passed out exactly the same:

...when Grace wasn't looking, Charley snuck in and tried to do her hair:

...we went to Kenzie and Kayden's birthday party. Isaac and I went to high school with their parents, and Grace and Kenzie are in the same preschool class. They're adorable:

Happy Birthday, cuties!

...Charley played with Grace's coloring table:

...we celebrated Easter Sunday.

See ya next week!

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