Gracie's First Week

Grace's first week was pretty crazy and went by super fast. Luckily, we took tons of pictures.

Grace with Mommy just after she was born.

Grace with Daddy.

Daddy's first time changing a diaper.

Hanging out in the hospital.

Getting ready to go home.

First time in the carseat.

First car ride.

Grace's first time meeting Izzie.

Hanging out with daddy and Isabel at home.

Cuddling with Mommy after dinner.

Napping in her bed for the first time.

She loves to suck on Daddy's pinky.

Her first bottle (that she threw up everywhere).

Playing with Izzie in her swing.

Grace had a big first week. I never imagined how amazing being a mom would be. It doesn't matter how many hours she keeps us up in the middle of the night or how many times she has spit up milk all over me or peed on her daddy when he started changing her diaper. We couldn't love her more, and I could just spend ALL day watching her sleep and make funny faces. I'm so happy to have her in our lives to bring us soo much joy!

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