Two Weeks Old!

Grace is already two weeks old. I can't believe it! We went to her two week doctor's appointment today, and everything is perfect. When we were in the hospital, she lost 10% of her birth weight which meant she only weighed 7lb 4oz. They were a little worried because 10% is the maximum the baby is supposed to lose. I'm convinced that all of that weight was just her poo! They said that the baby is only supposed to have one poopy diaper the first day, two the second, and so on until they get up to 5 or 6 a day. Well little miss Grace had SIX on her very first day of life. So I'm pretty sure she just pooped all of her weight off. Anyways, at her doctor appointment today she was back up to 8lb 4oz so she's definitely eating well. She seems to be changing every day and making new faces and sounds.

Here are some pictures from her second week:

She loves to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed

She makes this adorable bird face when she's hungry.
We've even decided that her nickname will be Birdie.

She loves to snuggle and always looks like she's posing

Wearing her favorite onesie from Kasie and Jeremy

She always goes right to sleep when she's swaddled

She obviously slept a lot this week

Her umbilical cord fell off and she was finally able to have a real bath

She loved it!

She snuggled with daddy a lot

We got the first picture of her smiling

Grace has had a pretty laid back week, but things are about to get crazy because we will have family in town for the next few weeks! We are so excited for them all to meet her.

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