Happy Father's Day

For Isaac's first Father's Day, we had dinner with his mom, Craig, Zacarias, and Savannah to celebrate. Lisa brought over Memphis Barbeque (our favorite) on Saturday, and we just hung out and visited all night.

The next morning Isaac woke up to a card from Grace hidden by his toothbrush. He was very suprised that being only 6 days old, Grace remembered to get him a card! We got her all dressed up to match daddy for the day.

Next, we were off to make our rounds. The first stop was Isaac's dad's. We didn't have any plans to go over there, but decided to suprise him anyways since the other kids were out of town with their friends. We spent a couple of hours visiting with him, Kim, and Zacarias. Then, we headed over to my dad's. We took Grace to visit her grandpa and enjoyed a couple of hours over there hanging out and visiting with him. Finally, we went over to my mom and Rick's house for a prime rib dinner. It was delicious, and Isaac got to relax and enjoy some time with Gracie.

When we got home that night, Grace needed a bath. Since she wasn't allowed to take one just yet, we gave her a sponge bath. She didn't seem to like it too much and screamed the whole way through. Afterwards though, we cuddled her up in a blankie and she was out for the night.

Grace screaming like crazy.

Daddy giving her a sponge bath.

Mommy got to be the good guy at the end.

All cuddled up in her Elmo towel.

Isaac had the perfect first Father's Day. He got to see all of our families, give Gracie her first bath, and then cuddle with her for the rest of the night! What more could you ask for?

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