I had this great idea about a month ago that I would catch up on the blog, and post EVERYTHING that had been happening in the order that it had happened. Well, since more things keep happening...I will NEVER be caught up.

So here goes a month's worth of updates...enjoy :)

07/30: We always have the most amazing time when we get to hang with the Gerfys/Killebrews. When all of the cousins were in town, we got together to hang out and swim. Grace loved meeting so many new faces all at once, and then passed out from all the excitement!

Chris kept an eye on her...

Isaac and Kasie played some beer pong...

I made four shots in a row...

...and Kasie and Matt wore some sweet goggles!

7/31: Grace's new favorite thing in life is the television. She LOVES to watch tv. Here she is watching 'Good Eats' on Saturday morning while Isaac and I got ready for the day.

After that, we went over to my mom's house to enjoy the pool and catch some rays. We drank some beer, ate some Johnny Macs, and spent a wonderful afternoon with some of our best friends.

Gracie napping in her swimsuit.

Izzie got to come swim too.

All of us girls hanging out in the pool.
Grace hanging out in her swing after a long day in the sun.

Cutie Pie :)

08/06: The following weekend, Isaac and I had some fun taking pictures of Grace with our awesome camera.

Gracie likes to sleep on her side now.

Those lips kill me!

Flying through the air

Sticking her tongue out

Smiling at daddy

Fascinated by the camera

Bath time...she barely fits in the sink anymore.

Watching tv with daddy.

08/07: Hanging out at Kelli and Eddie's for dinner and fight night.

08/08: Watching tv again...I told you she loves it!

08/10: Giggling with mommy and daddy.

08/14: Grace took her very first trip to the lake. My mom and Rick got a new boat last month which is really exciting, because I spent most of my childhood weekends at the lake playing the water and enjoying the summer. I'm happy that Grace will get to do the same.

Kelli, me, Grace, and Allison feeding the fish. What fish you ask?

Yah, these fish. Gross, huh?

Arriving at the boat...the Aquaholic.

Grace was exhausted from feeding the fish so she cuddled with Lulu and took a nap.

Then she put on her hat so she could look around outside.

Isaac and Eddie goofed around.

And we learned that Ed really can swim. Apparently he was just lying before.

08/17: Grace's two month doctor's visit came so fast. I can't believe she's getting so big already! She's now 22.5 inches long and 12 pounds 9 ounces. She is still in the 75th percentile for both! Dr. Vu also said that Grace is doing great in every area. She had to get a few shots so he said to give her Tylenol for a couple of days since she'd be cranky. Grace is so good that we only gave it to her once right after her appointment, and she didn't even need it again. She was perfectly fine.

08/19: It's been established that Grace's favorite song is "Sing" by The Carpenters. It always makes her happy when she's being fussy. I'm pretty sure it's the la la la la la part. She especially likes THIS version.

08/22:  Grace being a cutie like usual.

08/23: In the morning, Grace was being very happy and giggly.

Go Titans!!

Since she was in such a good mood, we went to the mall with my mom and sisters when I got off of work. While we were there, we decided to get Grace's ears pierced.

I made Grandma hold her because I thought it would be too sad. She only cried for a second, but she was fine once she started sucking on her binky again.

Grace and her pretty little earrings.

08/24: Napping after lunch.

08/25: Relaxing in her swing.

08/29: Grace and Isabel having a staring contest.

Phew...I told you we had a lot to update. I promise I'll keep up on this thing a lot more from now on!

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