The Sound of Snow Crunching

After our wonderful Thanksgiving, we headed straight for the cabin to get three full days of relaxation:

The drive took us forever thanks to a massive mudslide taking the road out.

We ended up going through Zion National park thinking since it was a much shorter distance, it would make for a much shorter drive.

Once we got closer, we notice that the map on the GPS looked something like this:

With all of those hairpin turns, we had to drive about fifteen miles per hour the whole way through the park. Thankfully, Grace slept and watched A Bug's Life the whole time.

The only good thing about going through the park was that there was absolutely no light anywhere nearby, so the night sky was unbelievable. We'd never seen so many stars before.

Once we finally arrived to the cabin, we were exhausted from our busy day and went straight to bed.

Grace and Daddy shared a snack before we hit the sack:

The next morning, Grace was super cuddly and even took a three hour nap. She's been pretty sick the past week (more on that later), so we've been enjoying extra snuggle time. Check out those rosy cheeks:

A little later, she stuck her fingers in a Scentsy. It didn't burn her, and she smelled really good for the rest of the day:

Once it warmed up a bit in the afternoon, we took Grace outside to play in the little snow there was. She didn't like touching it, but LOVED running through it. I'm pretty sure it was the sound of snow crunching under her boots that she liked best:

Daddy, Gracie, Mommy

After playing in the snow, we headed down to the pond where Isaac showed Grace how to skip rocks. She thought it was hilarious when he tried skipping the big ones and they made a huge splash in the middle of the pond:

That afternoon, Kasie and Jeremy arrived. We had my mom's yummy homemade chicken and dumpling soup for dinner and then went down to the game room. After a few games of pool, we grabbed some drinks (except me of course) and started in on a game of Taboo. I'm pretty sure I laughed more during this game than I have ever laughed in my entire life. We had such a blast. Of course Isaac and I won because I was the only sober one.

The next day, we went out for breakfast, hung around watching football, and just relaxed:

After dinner, Grace made Jeremy and Kasie color with her. Whenever Jeremy would go back to the couch, Grace would come grab his hand and make him sit back down to color more with her. It was so cute:

We even got to watch the Runnin' Rebels beat the number one ranked team in the country, North Carolina. That made the weekend perfect! 

Although, it's always a great time when we get to head up to the cabin:

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