Squishy, Kissable, Baby-Love

One month from now, Grace will be a year and a half old!

Saying hello to her reflection.

Her newest words are yah, mmmm for movie, and oh-sat for what's that. That one actually sounds pretty bad and most people think she's saying something else. She also says "huh?" to everything.

She's loves chicken noodle soup and Tyson chicken nuggets...a lot!!

Grace is also very good with her vegetables. She likes tomatoes, avocados, and asparagus to name a few.

Her canine teeth all came in, so we're now up to sixteen teeth. She's never been a bad teether, but these ones really bothered her. She'd wake up in the middle of the night and wouldn't be sure if she wanted a graham cracker, a drink of water, or just a kiss. Poor kid couldn't understand why her mouth was hurting her. Thankfully it only lasted a night or two, followed by a night with Motrin, and then she was all better.

She is 25 1/2 pounds of squishy, kissable baby-love.

She thinks it's hilarious to spill water all over everything, but then tries to hide it because she knows she's not supposed to.

Her favorite toy is the box of wipes. She likes to take them all out and clean the house with them. Needless to say, we go through a lot of wipes.

She's becoming more and more attached to her blankies and binky. I'll let her keep the blanky forever (I did), but the binky will be exiting our home starting around the new year when she's 18 months old. We'll also be starting to do more with the potty around then. She currently uses it as a step stool in the laundry room where she LOVES to help me load the clothes in and out of the washer.

She still eats the baby food pouches (at least four a day), and the Beechnut brand is her favorite. They're so awesome too because she likes to pick them out and eat them by herself. Isaac has even trained her to throw the empty wrappers away when she's done.

She's getting so big. It's been seventeen months, and I still can't believe she's mine to keep forever! If only her cheeks could stay this way...

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