Love and Cookies

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Last year, we got a new TV and living room furniture for downstairs.

Since this year is our first Valentine's Day as a family, we kept it simple and made some yummy cookies.

We also got each other cards that spilled our hearts out, and Grace surprised us with a card too!

Last week, Grace found some Olivia Valentine's and begged me to get them for her, so she could send them to all of her grandparents and friends.

I couldn't resist.

She spent a lot of time making sure they were just right.

I helped a little, and then we mailed them all out so everyone would get them before Valentine's Day.

Isaac and I made a yummy dinner.

I put Grace to bed, and now I'm going to convince him to give me a back rub while we cuddle up and watch The Bachelor.

I hope your Valentine's Day was full of love <3

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